Back to the U.S., so a Short Break

Tuesday I flew from Guanajuato/Leon airport through the Houston Airport to Florida. Egads what an evolution that was in one day. From streets filled with pedestrians to streets filled with strip malls.

After a year living south of the border, I’m moving to Tampa for a while, so I have to spend much of this week taking care of life chores in a new city. Amid the negatives (especially higher prices), there will be many positives—like how easy and quick it was to rent a car and hit the road.

Back to our regularly schedule programming soon and future adventures ahead.

Meanwhile, check out the 1,000+ posts in the archives or the externally linked sites of mine on the far right. Thanks!

  1. Broc

    Hey, you’re back to city living. I loved your post on your travel to Mexico. That big Aloe vera plant is really something. I also have Spanish/Mexican Roots so I’m accustomed to their culture. Specially the “fiestas” and their music. I wish you could blog more about the food you had when you were still staying there. I missed having to eat those kind of food.

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