What I’ll Miss & Won’t Miss About Living in Mexico

You hear my opinions and advice on here enough, so this week we have a special treat instead. This is a guest post from my 10-year-old daughter Alina.

When we put a “for sale” sign in front of our house in the spring of 2010 and told our daughter we were moving to Guanajuato, Mexico for a year-long family sabbatical, she was not exactly thrilled. She adjusted though and became a fluent Spanish speaker with lots of new friends in our adopted city. One year later she now has mixed feelings about going back to the U.S. So take it away Alina—what are you going to miss and not miss about this crazy country?

Things I’ll miss about living in Mexico:

1) Festivals and celebrations all the time

2) Being able to walk to lots of places

3) Mexican food (including tortas milanesas, paletas, ice cream, natural yogurt sundaes, icing cookies, aguas frescas, limonadas, licuados, and guava juice.)

4) My school and my friends

5) Interesting and cheap stuff to buy at the markets

6) Riding on nice Primera Plus and ETN buses—they give you a snack and a drink every time!


Things I won’t miss about living in Mexico

1) Super loud music playing outside most of the time

2) Chile and Limon on everything, plus strange tasting pizza

3) Garbage on the ground almost everywhere, plus sometimes poop from dogs, donkeys, and horses

4) Going up stairs, ramps, and steep streets every day in Guanajuato

5) Mariachi music and songs with “corazon” in them

First photo of Alina by Katie Clancy, others by Tim Leffel.

  1. jim johnston

    I love this blog post! Esp. the last one about songs with ‘corazon’ in them.
    I’m sorry we never managed to meet this year, but hope there will be other opportunities. Good luck in the U.S.
    Un abrazo, Jim J.

  2. David Self

    With I had a chance to meet you and your family here in Guanajuato. I could not agree with your daughter more. Good post Alina!!!!

  3. Linda

    Adorable! As with most kids, it’s all about the food. Especially the sweet stuff.

  4. Tony

    Great to hear that you did so well in Mexico, Alina. My 13 y/o daughter, Layla, was in Guanajuato last summer and really enjoyed it just like you seem to have. She didn’t stay all that long though. This year, she spent all summer in the less interesting city of Monterrey. It’s too hot there, too! Oh well! Better luck next year, and I hope you also continue to travel and experience different worlds like she has.

    I like that part you wrote about ‘strange tasting pizza’. Come on, let’s just say it. Most pizza in Mexico is awful! We can make much better at home. And the loud music? Well, try listening to cumbia from Colombia instead of Mexican music. Travel to Mexico for the food (except pizza) and travel to Colombia for the music.

  5. arhi

    Mexico is no doubt a good place but just like others it also have some drawbacks.i would suggest travel to mexico for food and travel to colombia for music.

  6. Mark

    Well, I think it’s fair to say there are more famous Mexican acts than Colombian in music, despite shakira.

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