“That place was surreal” (for real)

Many travel destinations are described as “surreal,” especially when people have trouble putting what they have seen into words, but then there are places that really deserve the term. Like where I was two days ago: Las Pozas in the jungle of nowhere, Mexico.

I’m going to just put a little taste of this fantastic place that marries Dali, Dr. Seuss, and Lewis Carroll but still has a unique vision all its own. The reason is, this wonderland of concrete—built by a very rich British artist over the course of decades before he died in 1987—is the centerpiece of a feature story that will appear in the July issue of Perceptive Travel. [Update – the Las Pozas Xilitla story is now posted!]

So enjoy a few crazy photos, then check out the new issue in less than a week for more photos and depth. I’ll put a bit at the end on how to get there, but it takes some dedication. The three closest cities are places hardly any foreign tourists go: San Luis Potosi, Tampico, and Queretaro. Then drive a few hours to Xilitla. But once you get there, admission is less than $5, for a place that cost $5 million to build.

  1. Linda

    What a bizarre and lovely place! It’s fitting that it’s hard to get there. It would be overrun with huge crowds eventually if not. Looking forward to the article!

  2. Idin

    Such a lovely place! The photographs are really nice..its different!

  3. Thomas

    Looks like a great spot, well deserving of the title. Probably a good thing that it’s so difficult to access. It will remain in its current state and make the trip worth it for those that make the journey.

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