Cheap Destinations Travel Impressions – June ’11

I can’t be everywhere and do everything, so time to hear from some others who are vagabonding around the world in some of the cheapest places to travel.

Landing in Marrakesh, Morrocco, Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless says, I don’t have to love every place I visit. This one brought back memories of hassles on the road and is a great reminder how reading Travel + Leisure will give you a very warped impression of your destination.

$22 Vietnam hotel, photo from With2KidsinTow

Here’s a good rundown on Vietnam from a family that just traveled through the country. Deals still abound ($15-$20 a night on average for quite good hotel rooms for 4), but everyone is still trying to gouge you everywhere you turn. The good, bad, and ugly.

Barbara of Hole in the Donut is a sucker for street food in Laos. In Luang Prabang, you have to find the right spot though…

In Bangkok, Thailand, Brian Spencer discovers that it’s not a mall, it’s a lifestyle complex.

From LegalNomads, here’s a great rundown on the Many Sides of Amman, Jordan. You should especially check out this store photo, which is just priceless.

Gadling has  nice post on the 50th anniversary of the first Sherpa school built by Sir Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Trust in Nepal.


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