Hidden Waterfalls, a Bathroom Massage, and the Other Side of Iran

Put those three things together and you’ve got another new issue of Perceptive Travel, home to the best travel stories from wandering book authors.

For Hidden Falls in Alaska, Rachel Dickinson gets off the soft adventure cruise to find a flat piece of land where man tries to restore the balance of nature alongside coves, falls, and grizzlies.

Darrin DuFord returns with a tale of finding his perfect Thai massage in a very unexpected location: I Was a Thai Travel Trinket.

We welcome Roger Housden for the first time with an excerpt from his just-released book, Saved by Beauty, about looking for beauty and history in the much-maligned country of Iran.

Plus we serve up a side helping of travel book reviews from William Caverlee and world music reviews from Graham Reid.

Get all the details, including the contest we have running, on the home page of Perceptive Travel.

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