Touring the Bell Towers Above the Zocolo

I just spent five days in Mexico City and it rocked, as I knew it would. I was working on a magazine article, plus I had my family with me, so we had to cram in more things than I normally would like. So we took advantage of a few tours—more on that later. But one of the coolest single-place tours was when we spent 15 pesos (about $1.30 right now) to tour the bell towers above the main cathedral. Here’s a taste:

It’s an amazing feeling to be way up there, on the roof of a massive cathedral, looking down at the hive of activity below. We don’t normally think much about those church bells we hear, so this tour provides an inside look at all the clanging.Mexico City

You don’t have to book ahead. Just show up at one of the designated times, posted at a small desk to the right of the huge alter as you enter. After climbing lots of stairs, you get to go into both towers, plus walk across the roof from one to the other, lingering to take photos.

This being Mexico, there are no ropes holding you back and no release forms to sign. If you too close to the edge and go plummeting to your death, it’s your own damn fault.

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