A Blog with Quality Writing and Staying Power Turns 4

Since it’s my baby and I’m the editor, I like to brag about all the “best travel writing” awards that Perceptive Travel webzine pulls in and all the book anthologies its stories get into. There’s another side to that site though that I can say I have very little to do with myself and it’s consistently great: the Perceptive Travel Blog.

A little over four years ago I floated out the notion that I was going to start a blog for that site and I wanted a few writers who were insightful, curious, enthusiastic, and maybe a little bit strange in what caught their interest. Two of the three I hired have moved on because of life circumstances, replaced by others, but thankfully the very first person has stayed on: Sheila Scarborough. She penned the fourth anniversary post you can find over there today. You should go follow that link because if you do, you can win something from a batch of prizes we’re giving away to celebrate. Something to hear, something to read, something to wear…

Four years ago we kicked it off with A World Music Tour of My CD Rack, Eat Like a Local (before they tear it down), and Why Is Travel Writing So Bad? It began with a bang and went uphill from there.

What makes this blog different than the two zillion other travel blogs vying for your attention? First of all, no linkbait articles. No silly top-10 lists, no “best places to shag your hostel mate,” no celebrity shout-outs, no inane blabber just designed to get you to click on a headline so we can punch up our page views and make an extra nickel. Good writing from good writers about interesting ideas and interesting places.

I know that’s kind of old-fashioned in the feedback-loop, bite-sized, titilation-rules media landscape that many readers are sucked into all day every day. But we’re okay with that. I’m proud to have Liz Lewis, Alison Stein Wellner, Brian Spencer, Kerry Dexter, and Sheila Scarborough putting out blog posts that deserve to stand the test of time and still be read years from now.

Maybe quality travel writing doesn’t get you bought by AOL for $315 million, but this blog is syndicated through the main travel page of USA Today should you choose to view it there. Otherwise, sign up for the RSS stream or join the Perceptive Travel Facebook page. I go to sleep each night knowing these folks will put out something worth reading six days a week, without me hovering over their shoulder. Thanks for making me look good you all—and happy birthday!

If you’ve been a reader for four days or four years, thanks. Go leave a comment on the anniversary post to win a prize.

  1. Sheila Scarborough

    Thanks so much for having me Tim; it’s indeed a pleasure to be the Old Geezer in the PT Blog crew. :)

    ….and thanks for mentioning the post about eating like a local before they tear it down….the subject of that post was, indeed, torn down, and I’m so glad I was able to write about it on the blog before that happened.

    • tim

      Bummer on the teardown, but hopefully some readers made it there to chow down beforehand. It’s been a good four years—keep telling us about the strange places nobody else is covering!

  2. Travel Tips

    I couldn’t agree more I’m sick and tired of reading about top 10 list for this that and the other thing. Anyone can make a top 10 list and it doesn;t even need to be accurate or require any sort of research.

    What people who are travelling want to read about is experiences, things you you enjoyed and what you should avoid on your holidays. Keep it up.

  3. Fijivacations

    I feel being a travel writer is all about showing there is more to life outside of your own front door. I love reading about far away places, that capture the imagination. It is a certain skill that not many people have got. Keep up the good work.

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