Tales from the Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

I’m preparing the next edition of Perceptive Travel to go live, so here’s some good reading from other publications. All feature one or more of The World’s Cheapest Destinations.

How to hire a boat in Indonesia: without drowning (Travelfish.org)

How to ride an overnight bus in Vietnam (Matador Network)

Great outdoor adventures in Malaysia (Lonely Planet)

Great town, few tourists: Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras (GoNomad)

A to Z of insane information on India (Wanderlust and Lipstick)

What a $5 hotel looks like in India—sometimes (Mojotrotter)

Handbook for travelers to Pokhara, Nepal (Hole in the Donut)


Europe rail deals for summer 2011 (EuroCheapo)

How to travel more without quitting your job (BootsnAll)

Finding your first paid job overseas (Transitions Abroad)

  1. Dote

    That $5 hotel room is disgusting…they would have to pay me to stay in it, not the other way around!

  2. DML

    wow, the buses in Vietnam have certainly changed since I was there in the mid/late ’90s. there were NO night buses. Travelers had to travel during the day only on buses that were no more than mini vans with bench seating and those fold down seats on the end. Sometimes for 6-8 hours. And if you were a big guy with long legs you were SOL

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