In a Cheap Country, It’s Easier to Be Romantic

I may not be known as a guy who’s muey romantico cada dia, but it’s sure a lot easier to turn on the charm when the cash register is not ringing so hard. Here’s how the darling wife is making out this Valentine’s Day in Mexico—and how much easier it is on my bank balance in the process.

Half dozen roses in a flower arrangement – $8 (usually closer to $5, but hey, it’s a holiday)

Babysitter for the evening (including her cab fare) – $16

Dinner for two in our favorite fancy restaurant, with tip but not drinks – $25

Glass of good Cabernet or Torrontes from Chile/Argentina – $3.75

If you want a strolling musician to serenade your sweetheart, $4-$8 will do it for a few songs of your choosing, or double that and get a whole mariachi band to lay it on thick.

There’s a nice gift in the mix tonight that will be about half the price it would be at home, but she may read this and I don’t want to spoil the surprise…

Happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are!

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  1. parif

    romance does not take account of money, or should not, but often help:)

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