Cheap Destinations Reports – Europe and Asia

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Every once in a while I need to make up for the fact I’m spending more time in Latin America than elsewhere with some reports from the field. Here are some good rundowns from other writers with feet on the ground in Europe and Asia.

The Vagabonding Life Blog has a detailed post on how he lived for a month in Chiang Mai, Thailand for $500. The Almost Fearless family has been living in Chiang Mai as well. Their $300-a-month apartment has a pool, gym, and weekly maid service. Nice.  Here’s a rundown of markets in that city from BootsnAll.

If you go to Thailand, however, you’ll inevitably pass through Bangkok. So here are some tips and ideas from GoNomad on what to do for cheap in Bangkok.

If you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia and want some itinerary guidance, check out these itinerary ideas from Travelfish. They’re more flexible than most, with where to go if you have a week, two weeks, or longer.

Budget Travel has a story about navigating Mumbai, India with a smartphone. One big problem: “Brandishing a glossy iPhone in a developing nation makes you look like a wealthy rube.” Getting extra attention may not be what you want if traveling as a single woman there, so check out these tips for staying sane while traveling solo, from WanderlustandLipstick.

Because this is on, you’ll have to click through 10 pages to read it all (so they can pump up their “page view” numbers), but here’s a good article on planning your first budget travel trip to Europe. And Matador has some good reasons to travel in Europe in winter. Hint—it’s waaaayyy cheaper.

If you simply must go to Paris, EuroCheapo has 10 thing to do for under 10 euros there.  Then check their 2011 train service updates for how to high-tail it out of there to cheaper places.

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