8.2 Million Tourists’ Heads Still Attached After Visiting Mexico

I like that headline so much I almost don’t want to write anything else. But since I get sick of people asking “But is it safe?” when I tell them I’m living in Mexico, it’s time for a reality check. Turn off the scaremongering cable news  channels and read these stories instead.

This New York Times article says despite the news noise, Mexican tourism is up 17.8% this year because the deals are so good. And hopefully, people are learning how to read a map.

The Economist, always the place I turn to for the most balanced news, seconds the notion with this article, Can’t Keep Them Away. I really liked their one from a few months ago, Mexico: Safer than Canada. (Well, the Yucatan anyway.)

Here’s a good news/bad news rundown from the San Francisco Chronicle on which places are really trouble spots and in which places you’ll be better off than you would be in your own home town.

Lest you think I’m a blind cheerleader though, I’ll share that I postponed a planned trip to Patzcuaro, in Michoacan state, because things have gotten more unstable there lately. And I’m not heading to Acapulco anytime soon. Otherwise, most of the trouble is along the US/Mexican border. Guns heading south, drugs heading north, and two rival cartels duking it out over the proceeds.

And if you want a second opinion, scroll through the Lonely Planet message boards. Here are the ones that come up for safety in Mexico.

  1. Mark Chesnut

    Excellent reality check. I’m sharing this!

  2. caren cross

    As an American living in San Miguel who is sick of hearing about how dangerous Mexico is, I’m delighted to see some reality! Well done!

  3. Emily

    That video is hi-lar-ious. I’m sending this to all my annoying relatives who watch way too much TV.

  4. Global Vagabond

    I hope you’re right! Since I’m doing my Central America tour starting next month. This is funny. :)

    • tim

      Well, Mexico’s not really Central America, but same perception problems I guess…

  5. Hotels Booking USA

    Great information. I hope your post will clear everyone’s misunderstandings about Mexico and finally they will know that Mexico is a safe and a great destination to be visited.

  6. Alouise

    I’m going to Mexico (Cancun) for the first time in May for my cousin’s wedding. My dad is convinced as soon as we step foot in Mexico we’re going to be shot. I’ve been trying to reason with my dad, but I think I might show him this video instead.

    • tim

      Tell him to read the stories linked in this post as well. Nobody is saying there are no problems in Mexico, but it’s a huge and diverse country with pockets of problems and many perfectly calm areas—just like the U.S. But without the all-too-common shootings by a nutcase in a parking lot, or school, or post office, or church…

  7. Steve Garcia

    I just watched the video for the 3rd time, and I am still getting belly laughs from it.

    Thanks for the giggle.

  8. Lewis

    I can’t recall a school full of kids getting mowed down by a guy with an assault weapon anywhere in Mexico period—good city or bad. And when’s the last time a tourist got hurt who wasn’t doing a drug deal?

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