Week in the Life of an Expat Writer

Now and then I do a post on here about what it’s been like living in Mexico since then end of June. Like this one: Living the Mexpat Life.

But over at the Professional Hobo Blog, Nora Dunn has a regular series where expatriates run down a week of their life in another country and she asked me to participate.

So if you have the patience to read through an article-sized story on what it’s like to be working from a different country, complete with what we’re paying for meals, rent, doctor’s appointments, and the like, here you go: A week in the life of an expat writer. Some good photos in there too.

[This photo by Donna Leffel, the shot of me, my daughter, and her neighborhood friend eating paletas (popsicles) and ice cream in the park.]

  1. gary

    Nice piece… forgive the jealousy as this message comes from a place with 2 feet of fresh, cold snow. Emphasis on cold.


  2. Yorke

    Nora Dunn is a great writer. What I like most about her is that she enjoys her life on the road without any fixed place to stay. Truly adventurous.

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