Message en una Botella, Hell and Home in Nepal, and an Epiphany About Cancun

Yes, it’s time for the December 2010 issue of Perceptive Travel. I sound like a nighttime talk show host always saying “We’ve got a really great show for you tonight,” but this really is a great collection of stories and reviews.

I’m proud to welcome back Jeff Greenwald, with a modified excerpt from his new book, Snake Lake: Hell, Heaven, and Home in Kathmandu.

Lea Aschkenas, author of Es Cuba, has a terrific story about a message in a bottle thrown overboard in the Caribbean that ends up uniting a Cuban family and a sailor.

Zora O’Neill says she’s come around since she first started doing guidebook writing about the Yucatan and says yes, Cancun can actually feel like Mexico if you know what to look for. Really. See Cancun is the New Tulum.

William Caverlee returns to do travel book reviews, checking out three interesting anthologies. Lonely Planet’s A Moveable Feast; New Orleans: What Can’t Be Lost; and In Many Wars, By Many War Correspondents.

And Laurence Mitchell is back with world music reviews: Garifuna meets West Africa, Afro-European chamber music, string music from Copal, and the South Indian Nagore Sessions.

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