Cheap Travel Facts and Fun for Friday

I’ve worked hard this week. Too hard really. I should have had more fun. So I’m ready to let some other people do the talking.

Besides, the closing for my former house in Nashville was this week, so for the first time in my life I have six figures of liquid cash sitting in a bank account. There’s a bucket of Negra Modelas somewhere calling my name. I’m living in Mexico for Cristo’s sake!

Links to stuff worth reading:

Even if you’re a budget vagabond, it pays to have travel industry fluency.

And sometimes the package deal is far cheaper than doing it yourself. Check out this $999 trip to Peru that includes airfare from Miami, round-trip flight from Lima to Cusco, six nights of hotels, and admission to Machu Picchu. No math skills necessarily to see that’s a steal.

From Consumer Traveler, the best and worst airports to fly through around Thanksgiving.

Here’s a great story on a strange scam in Cairo, Egypt.

I don’t know many people who fly as much as JohnnyJet, so I got some good ideas from his list of 16 travel products he always takes along. Here’s a woman’s perspective on how to pack better from Wanderlust and Lipstick. (Hint—leave behind most of those shoes.)

I’m not sure I want to see GoNomad’s Max Hartshorne naked (and probably vice-versa), but I still wanted to read his article on attending a Vermont nudist resort.

Ready to do some soul-searching about your future? Here’s the best post ever on making actual money from doing something related to what you love.

If you’re already thinking about happy hour like I am, here’s an encore link: a complete rundown on the best and worst Mexican beer.

[Photo note: the attentive beer lovers out there may have noticed that’s a Sol cup in my hand above and yes, I realize that is a pretty lousy beer. But it’s made into a michelada, so it doesn’t matter…]

  1. Steven Roll

    Who cares about the brand of beer? What impresses me is the size of your cup. By the time you reach the bottom of that Big Gulp sized cup, it won’t matter that you’re drinking El Sol. One of my favorite Mexican brands is Indio. It never fails to draw a snicker when I order it, though.

    • tim


      Yes, it’s very common in Mexico to buy Micheladas by the liter, especially at sporting events, rodeos, and festivals. Usually $3 or $4. Yeee-ha!

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