The Travel Tide is Turning – Don’t Wait Too Long

Have you been taking advantage of these troubled economic times and gone out and grabbed some of the amazing travel deals we’ve seen the past two years? If not, you’d better get on it pronto because whether you see it in your own back yard or not, this economy is turning around and the travel business is picking up steadily each month.

I know this because of the fact I run a bunch of travel sites and talk to other people who do so as well. Advertising inquiries are up, click-throughs are up, and traffic is up. For everything from hostel bookings to luxury adventure tours, companies are seeing an undeniable turnaround in their business.

Tourism is up, bigtime.

September was a record month for Heathrow Airport in London. The largest increase since 2004.

In Central America, the visitor numbers are up around 10 percent in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Tunisia, the Virgin Islands, Cambodia, the United States–this is a widespread recovery.

Heck, despite a mountain of ongoing bad publicity, even Florida and Mexico are seeing big increases.

This is obviously great news for the industry, from big multi-nationals to mom and pop hotel and restaurant owners. But what does this mean for you?

It means that if you have been putting off your travel plans, you may not want to keep doing that for much longer. If you were holding off on purchasing a flight, hoping for the price to go down, that might be a bad strategy. The last two years have been a historically fantastic time to be a traveler, at any budget range. The party can’t last forever though.

While the politicians trying to knock off incumbents in the U.S. may be telling you everything’s going down the toilet, reality is that things are turning around for sure. If you wait for the lagging indicators to catch up (unemployment numbers, foreclosure numbers, credit default numbers, etc.) to convince you the economy is recovering, it’s going to be too late. We’re a long way from the boom times, but in the travel world we’re certainly on our way back there.

  1. Tim

    Planning and booking flights, hotels, etc early is the key to finding the best deals. Not only are rates going to go up – but it is expected that more people will be traveling this year and flights are expected to be fuller also.

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