Morocco Meet-up in the Sahara with Roadjunky

Want a mind-blowing experience you’ll never forget for less than $300?

The backpacker site is setting up a 5-day retreat in the Sahara desert of Morocco for just 205 euros, including food, tents, and transportation from Erfoud to the Oasis (much of that last part on your own two feet of course). There will be star gazing, Berber cultural education, music by the fire, and communal chilling out. Here’s the full program.

You can’t really beat the price unless you want to gather up a bunch of people and then spend a couple days of your time trying to set all this up yourself through an agency or guides after arrival in Erfoud. With a less dependable outcome.

The retreat is January 18-22, which gives you plenty of time to figure out how you’ll make your way to Morocco. (If you’ll be in Europe before that, you can hop a ferry from Spain.) The participants will be capped at 50 people, so if you’re interested, go sign up now at the Road Junky Retreat site.

I’m sad to say that Morocco is probably not going to make the cut when it’s time for me to write the 4th edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations—it’s just gotten too popular with moneyed Europeans. Too bad, as this is one of the most exotic places on Earth. But no matter what’s going on with prices in the rest of the country, 205 euros for five days in a desert Oasis is quite a bargain.

[flickr photo by amerune]

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