An Assassination Vacation, Dicey Border Crossings, and Female Rodeo Riders

With that kind of subject line, you know it must be the beginning of the month and time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel, home to the best travel stories from wandering book authors.

Our usual oddball lineup is even more unusual this month. Let’s start with a New Year’s Eve vacation in Karachi that also includes a gay party with show tunes, an assassination, and gunshots taking the place of fireworks. Read Tim Brookes’ story, One Assassination can Ruin Your Whole Vacation.

Regular readers know I’ve been living in central Mexico the past few months and I found a great story to kick off my tales from there: Sidesaddle Girls at a Mexican Rodeo.

Another temporary Mexican resident, Molly Beer, makes her debut talking about an earlier expatriate experience when she was a teacher in El Salvador: A Bridge on the Border in Central America.

Pam Mandel of the Nerd’s Eye View blog has an essay On Music, Memory, and Travel and William Caverlee steps up for the first time to add some reviews of worthwhile travel books.

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