World’s Cheapest Destinations on the iPad

Before you could get The World’s Cheapest Destinations as a PDF e-book, a paperback, or a null, but wait—there’s more! If you’re an early adopter that just had to have an iPad out of the gate, well now you can read the best guide on the cheapest places to travel on that device as well.

Just follow this link to the iTunes bookstore app (it’s free) and search for my name or the name of the book. How much would you pay to figure out the best places around the world to travel for cheap? For $8.99, less than a hostel night in Eastern Europe, you’ll be all set. A small investment in getting the most out of your future travels, and instant gratification too.

  1. Renato

    Great news! So with the iPad version a reader can finally figure out how many amazing days off he could have enjoyed with the 499$ plus spent for the device :)

    • tim

      Hee hee. I’m with you Renato. You might enjoy this review:

      Rationality does not play into buying decisions when that fruit logo is on the box.

      • Renato

        Great review from John thanks for the link. The iPad might be great but I cannot fit both a laptop and an iPad in my hand luggage. And cannot work on an iPad. Well, maybe I should simply stop working while on the road? :)

  2. Cheap Travel

    I just bought an iPad and I will probably get this guide. Thanks for the link.

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