Wanna Hear a Good Travel Story?

If you haven’t been reading this blog for very long, I may seem like just another guy who threw up a blog and put out a book. But although I find it hard to believe myself sometimes, apparently I can do more than provide cheap travel advice. I’m a real writer too.

Most writers have their moments of self-doubt, but then some affirmation will come along to reverse it for a while at least. In the past month I’ve won a slew of awards and it would be humble to the point of pretentiousness to not pass this news on. Especially since you can read both the stories online.

First up, my Perceptive Travel story Unbalanced in the Sinking City won “Best Article Written for the Internet” at the annual awards from the North American Travel Journalists (NATJA). I was quite proud of that story, so this makes me happy. I’ll get a few nights in a hotel as a prize and not be working the whole time, which also makes me happy.

That same story won a Silver in the Destinations category of the annual Solas Awards sponsored by Travelers’ Tales Publishing. I also scored a Bronze award there in the “Doing Good or the Kindness of Strangers” category.

That Bronze was for a story I hadn’t previously published anywhere, called “The Collision.” You can now read the whole thing online though because it also scored a second prize in Transitions Abroad’s annual narrative travel writing contest. It’s also on Mexico, but is one of those “bad trip” stories. You’ll see: The Collision.

That’s it for now. Next week we return to travel bargains, cheap places, travel gear deals, and rants.

  1. Beki

    Congratulations! You deserve it. Can ‘t wait to read those stories…(except that I have to do the taxes first), but then my reward will be a story. :)

  2. [email protected] west bengal travel

    Congratulations! i already read your article “Unbalanced in the Sinking City”. that was simply awesome. i am eager to read your other stories also.

  3. gary

    Congratulations, Tim.

    I’ve offered this feedback to you often, but you are my first source for travel info and perspectives. I admire your unfettered, to-the-point style along with the experience and credibility that goes along with it. I hope you continue your missives when you reach Mexico; I’d be REALLY pissed if you decided to slack off (although I wouldn’t blame ya, either).

    Again, kudos to you, Tim. They’re well deserved.


  4. Lori

    Amazing work! You deserve the awards. Your story “The Collision” really helped to put things in prespective for me. Even on my poorest day, I am still rich.

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