Pig Roast in Bali, Simple Life in Morocco, and Mardi Gras in Vermont

It’s time for the March ’10 issue of Perceptive Travel, where we bop around three continents, groove on some new world music, and talk about some travel books worth reading. (Or not.)

The multi-talented Zora O’Neill—who is the only person I know who has authored a cookbook and a Yucatan guidebook—has a great story on being part of a pig roast in Bali, from squealing to serving.

Jim Johnston, who wrote my favorite guide to Mexico City, travels to Africa to visit his mother, who is the oldest serving Peace Corps volunteer. Morocco: Give Me the Simple Life.

Bruce Northam, author of Globetrotter Dogma, returns with a different take on Mardi Gras, a Vermont version where composting cups and a charity drive take center stage.

Joshua Berman, author of Moon guidebooks on Nicaragua and Belize, takes on the travel book reviews this month and I review an odd assortment of world music.

As usual, our newsletter subscribers have a chance to win something cool. Last month someone scored a great messenger bag from OSPOP and this month we’re giving away a Frommer’s combo airline pillow/blanket set from Lug. Next month? Who knows. Sign up for the newsletter and see.

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