Travel Advice for the Budget Minded

I spent much of last week in lilly-white Salt Lake City at the winter Outdoor Retailer’s show, checking out what’s new for Practical Travel Gear. So while I get caught up here’s some great advice from others on saving money in your travels.

Budget Travel has a really great rundown on how to ski without breaking the bank in the U.S.

Costa Rica is the most expensive destination in Central America, so if you’re headed there check out this rundown on how to get around the country on public transportation.

Would you buy a timeshare? How about it it were on sale for $1? That’s on Arthur Frommer’s blog, where he also notes that Honduras has the best high-season deals in the Caribbean.

Here’s something I did recently on beach house rental bargains in Mexico.

Speaking of such, here’s a nice piece from someone who is there right now at the start of a trip lasting a few months: the pros and cons of long-term travel.

Got a lot of dental work to get done? Here’s a first-hand report on getting drilled in Thailand.

Business travelers say the #1 thing they want is free internet access. We’re getting closer all the time.

  1. Michael

    I want to add our website to the list, for budget-minded travelers looking for extraordinary places to stay that don’t break the bank.

    At, we have a guide to travelers’ all-time favorite places to stay that are independently owned with rooms under US$150 (often way under!). Our editors select the best of the best traveler nominations to publish as “Darn Good Digs”.

  2. Kohi

    I’ve had quite a bit of dental work in Thailand and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Not only is the quality world-class the price is usually 25% or LESS what you’d pay in Europe or the US. For example, I had a root canal a few months back and in total it ended costing me about $225. I’ve paid upwards of $1,200 for the same procedure in the US and that was nearly a decade ago. I can’t imagine the price now!

  3. Jean

    Thailand is not only a great destination its medical and dental facilities are the best. The Thai ability to gently treat their patients is another plus for having your treatments completed in this land of smiles. The quality of care and service is unbelievable.

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