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Worst U.S. Airports for Delays, Worst Airlines for Bumping

Here we are on the weekend after a big holiday in the U.S., one of the worst days to fly.

So where are you most likely to be delayed? Budget Travel magazine had a rundown on holiday flying in their last issue and here’s where frustrated travelers are most likely to be camped out at the gate:

Worst: Hubs with the lowest percentage of on-time departures
57% Newark Liberty
59% Chicago O’Hare
61% Seattle
61% Portland
62% San Francisco

I’m surprised that Seattle and Portland are so bad, but maybe it’s all that crappy weather. On the other hand, here are the airports getting people in the air on schedule:

Hubs with the highest percentage of on-time departures
76% Charlotte
75% Houston Intercontinental
72% D.C. Reagan National
71% Cleveland
70% Phoenix

Charlotte and Phoenix are USAir hubs though, so delays are not the whole story. See the stats below on which airlines were most likely to bump you off a flight in the first quarter of this year.

Airlines with the highest number of bumped passenger:
United (up 72%)
Alaska (Up 268%!)
Southwest (up 51%)

The best airline by far if you want to make sure your reservation is honored is JetBlue, at 0.01 passenger bumped per every 10,000.

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Vacation Deals

Friday 4th of December 2009

thanks for sharing this.. at least i know what place i need to considering visiting and the things to do.. thanks..

Panama Hotel

Tuesday 1st of December 2009

I have to say that I've had extremely good experiences (and I travel regularly) at O'Hare. I spend most of my time in Central America and have to add to your list, anyone considering Panama for the holiday season, should think twice. Our international airport TOCUMEN is notorious for long lines, delays, and general problems. The latino "manana" mindset doesn't help much! That all being said, if you do decide to brave it, once in the country (and particularly our historic district of Casco Viejo) - you'll wish time stood still :)