Cities That Travelers Hate

Lonely Planet has a piece on 9 cities travelers hate, based on feedback from readers. [Editor’s note – story has now been taken down by LP.]

I won’t steal their thunder by posting them all here, but I agree with some more than others. I lived in a suburb of Seoul for a year and while I’ll agree that there’s not much soul in Seoul, it does have a great subway system (with announcements in English even!), some fun markets, and good food—until you live there long enough to get sick of it that is. There are certainly worse places to be…

…like Detroit! Can you imagine being the head of tourism for Detroit? You’d have to be a real masochist to take that job. But hey, if you have a rock band or are an artist who needs studio space, I hear you can pick up a house there right now for less than the price of a used gas-guzzling SUV.

Madras/Chennai is a real shithole. No doubt about that.

Chetumal is not great, but again I’ve seen far worse. I think it’s just a sucky place to hang out when you’d rather be in Belize or Tulum.

I haven’t made it to San Salvador yet. But everything I’ve heard backs this up: “Widely acknowledged as the grubbiest of the Central American capitals.”


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