On a Real Vacation

I am on vacation all this week, so no more posts. The line between work and vacation is a thin one when you are a travel writer, so the best way for me to make it a real one is to head to my beach house in the Yucatan (which you can rent yourself for a mere $275 a week, ahem). There we live the Mexican beach life to the fullest and in the moment: no Internet, no TV, no checking in with home. Just music, beer, tequila, hammocks, fresh fish, games, books, and sea breezes. No batteries required.

Some of my best ideas I’ve come up with while hanging out there, without the incessant hum of 24-hour news and electronic leashes. Time slows down and it’s easier to think, to sleep, to dream.

So if you came here looking for some cheap travel advice, check out the hundreds of posts in the archives instead. Or go read Perceptive Travel for great travel stories and inspiration. Drop in on Practical Travel Gear for reviews of gadgets, shoes, and clothing. Don’t go looking for Twitter updates though. The last one I sent says, “Gone to swing in a hammock for a week.”

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