A Wave of Great Travel Writing

It’s been travel writing contest season lately it seems, with all kinds of announcements of winners, pro and amateur alike.

I was a judge in a contest over at Beth Whitman’s Wanderlust and Lipstick, where the grand prize winner got a tour from Intrepid and other winners got Timbuk 2 bags or the awesome Steripen water purifier. The grand prize winner was an interesting character profile and I especially liked the Anatomy of a Bribe story. I liked one about Pakistan that didn’t win, so it’s not posted, but it turns out it was from a book author and will appear soon in Perceptive Travel.

Perceptive Travel is still basking in the glow of three wins in the Solas Awards and we also racked up a few more this month in other places courtesy of perennial champ Amy Rosen. This story got multiple prizes: Don’t Eat Low-lying Berries, and other Lessons Learned in the Wales Countryside.

Transitions Abroad just announced winners in its annual narrative travel writing contest. Kudos to them for narrowing it to a unique angle: Travel in a Dangerous World: Myths and Realities. Libya, the Baltics, Yemen, Kashmir—this ain’t no wuss collection of “my month in Tuscany” fare.

If you are a writer yourself and you want to get better, David Farley (an occasional Perceptive Travel contributor) says take a class. For loads of resources on the subject, check out the travel writing portal I helped put together.

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