Volunteer Teaching Opportunity in Spain

There are a lot of volunteer or “voluntourism” opportunities out there that will actually cost you a buttload of money for the privelege of giving your time and effort. In other cases, you just have to get yourself there and then your expenses are covered. At the end you come out enriched and no poorer, yet you’ve helped people in some way.

Here’s one of those good opportunities that I am passing on because it sounds interesting—teaching English as a second language in Spain. And like I said in this recent post about teaching English, if you’re hanging out at home jobless anyway, how about going somewhere more interesting and doing something else?

Here’s the scoop:

What you will be doing: You will be helping as teaching assistants. You will be there to make sure that the English language is alive and well in the classrooms. You will do your best to be a fun, valuable asset for the school and for the young students in their efforts to start at an early age to gain a minimum ability with the English language.

How it works: you will need to finance your flight to Madrid, from where we at Vaughan Systems will start to cover costs, receiving and housing you, first in Madrid and, within a day or two, at your final destination (between one and three hours north of Madrid depending on the final destination of each volunteer) in a single, shared apartment or host family plus insurance and stipend allowance. We will introduce you to the local school personnel, who will then assign you to the classes where you will be helping out. We will have people in Madrid and in the region itself to coordinate and trouble-shoot as well as to offer opportunities for occasional weekend excursions and activities.

Program Duration: Maximum stay for the volunteer will be three months, as a longer stay would warrant a residence visa requiring a long, time-consuming process.

In other words, since this is a short program, you can teach English in Europe without being a European. This is a great opportunity to experience a different culture, eat some great food, and probably pick up a decent amount of Spanish as well. To get details on applying and see the locations, go to the VaughanTown site for contact info.

  1. Ahmed Salem Mamine

    Actually thats a really good thing to do and I am interested to help out if there is an apportunity to do so because I study here in Barcelona and I have some free time that I can use it to volunteer.
    thanks a lot

  2. Madrid Spain native

    I can only endorse whats been said about the Vaughan programme here. On my own site I´ve maintained some information about their Pueblo Ingles programme (Thats “English village” to me and you) and the people that have participated have said its one of the most culturally rich things they´ve done.

    I don´t want to step on anyones toes however here are some more details on precisely this programe here: http://www.madrid-guide-spain.com/teach-english-in-spain.html

    Whilst some people in full time employment won´t want to do this type of Spanish language programme it is ideal for students in the long summer vacations!

  3. Maia Dzodzuashvili

    Dear Mr./Mis,

    My name is Maia. I am from Georgia, but present (since January 2008), I live and work in UK. In Georgia during ten years I worked on development programs with different international and local NGOs. I worked on youth development programs, as a capacity building program trainer and touch English at Georgia school and university. Las year I came to UK in order to live and work for different companies and people from different countries. My aim is to take experience of work in different cultures.

    I am looking for voluntary opportunity in Spain. If your program is still active please do me a favour and provide me with the information about the programs and application procedures.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Warmest regards,
    Maia Dzodzuashvili

  4. Danny

    A similar opportunity I came across is with Conversation Corps but the program duration is much shorter and you are staying with a Spanish family and teaching them English at the same time. It’s a great home stay experience, although basic Spanish ability is a must.

  5. Lee

    That sounds like a great way to see some sights and do some good in the world. I would love to do something like this.

  6. Uceda School

    I would give anything to take up a volunteer opportunity in Spain. Their culture and climate is absolutely stunning, as are the people.

  7. Street art madrid

    I see that the article was written back in 2009, but these opportunities still exist. They are a great way for students to travel to Madrid or any other major city in Spain and live an amazing experience!

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