Ripped From the Magazines

I have this habit of letting my magazines pile up underneath the coffee table until I am going to be on a plane for a few hours. Then I catch up on all my neglected reading and lighten my load as I go. I inevitably end up ripping out pages with random articles, quotes, or websites that catch my eye, only to take weeks or months to act on them in any way.

But I’m in office cleaning mode, so here’s a roundup of interesting collected tidbits from the past two months that may help you out or impart some knowledge.

The Washington Post says traffic accidents are the leading cause of deaths worldwide for those between the age of 10 and 24. Keep that in mind when you drive your kid to the playground instead of letting him/her walk or when you stay home and go to that Pump It Up place in the suburbs instead of flying to some scary foreign land…

TV makes you dumber and less happy. In a peer-reviewed study of 4,000 Americans, five professors found that when we spend time actively doing something they labeled as “engaging leisure and spiritual activities,” we are happier. Problem is, the Wall Street Journal noted, the observed men/women spent 15/17 percent of their waking hours watching TV instead. The researchers noted that those who watched the most TV were the least happy, with very little deviation. So go outside, read a book, or get away. You’ll probably be less bummed out.

This airport Wi-Fi guide from TravelPost is a wonderful site to bookmark. It gives you the lowdown on how much you will have to pay in some 300 airports in the U.S and abroad. The most traveler-friendly airports—as in free Internet access—include Albuquerque, Tampa, Kansas City, New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, Vienna, and Moscow. It’s clear from looking at this limited international list though, if you’re going to travel through Europe, you’re going to get reamed.

If you need to convey food allergies in different languages, order cards from or For vegetarian restaurants around the world, try the International Vegetarian Union site. For restaurants and health food stores, check out Happy Cow.

Can a man fly? Apparently so if he has the right suit. I don’t have the balls to follow these guys off a cliff, but it’s amazing stuff to watch.

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