A Little Help?

I have two requests for you dear followers of the Cheapest Destinations blog. If you can help with either, good karma all around.

First, I’m off to Mexico City tomorrow for a wheelbarrow full of writing assignments. One of them involves acting like I know where all the great restaurants, bars, and attractions are—and figuring it all out in less than two weeks. So if you have a friend, relative, or associate there who is in the know, hook me up. E-mail addresses listed at www.TimLeffel.com.

Also, after me crying wolf a couple times in December, the third edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations is about to be go on sale next week. It’s new, improved, and a bit longer. I’ll be sending out review copies at the end of this month. If you have a travel blog, you’re an editor, or you’re just someone who posts reviews on Amazon for fun, send me a note with details if you can spread the word. I’ll get a copy off to you later.


  1. Bed Breakfast Texas

    I wish I could help, but the only time I’ve been to Mexico, it was Cancun. I only ate at the hotel, but I’m sure there are a few nice local or visitors that you can ask.

  2. Benedict A

    hi tim, i’ve got a backpacking travel blog and if you’d like me to i’d love to review your book on my site.

  3. Kyle

    I can’t remember half the places I went to in Mexico City this year because the city is just ridiculously large. I do remembering the Zona Rosa kinda sucks, tough. However, I know the CouchSurfing community is active there (they showed us around to some cool places, at least) and if you put something on the Mexico City board, people can definitely point you in the right direction.

  4. Paul Banks

    On the west side of El Zocalo, the main square in downtown Mexico City, is the hotel Majestic with a restaurant on top. The restaurant has a terrace with a great view of the square. I went for bfast and had the sunrise too, which was awesome. Didn’t stay there, but the restaurant bfast buffet was great!

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