I’ll Drink to That

I’ve got a nice little essay about “the Hungarian wine story” in the current issue of Imbibe magazine. If you happen to find yourself near a good newsstand or Barnes & Noble, flip to the very last page.

Or just spend five bucks and buy the darn thing because it’s full of really great writing on interesting subjects: the new speakeasy bars trend, a great overview of American-made sake, a look at home brewers who are making the leap to going pro, a type of tea that can cost thousands of dollars a pound, and a cover story on Scotch—everything you ever wanted to know. Plus where else are you going to find reviews of home coffee roasters, a side-by-side taste test of absinthe, and an interview about what Rachel Maddow likes to drink? (Easy cocktails and mass market American beer.)

Here are a few other things that came out of my trip to Hungary:

Biking in Eastern Europe

Touring Europe’s Unheralded Wine Trails

What I packed for the trip (interview with Gadling)

  1. Sarah

    Hi Tim! Thanks for the tip on Imbibing magazine – looks really cool.

  2. Marilyn Terrell

    I could go for a glass of Tokaji aszu right now! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Katie84

    I was in Eger with 2 friends.Eger is famous wine area in Hungary.We tasted the Bull’s Blood of Eger.It’s red wine,that is good.
    Eger is nice town.There are kindly people,cool pubs.We stayed in apartement,which was booked Hotels Eger

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