Cheap Travel in Expensive Cities

expensive cities travelToday an article of mine went up on Budget Travel magazine’s website and it’s a quite useful one: Expensive Cities on the Cheap.

Yes, I’m more often writing about how to avoid even grappling with how to save money in expensive cities by just avoiding them in the first place. Let’s face it though; there’s a reason you see 40 travel mag articles about Rome or Paris for every one you see about Jakarta or Guatemala City. The first two are a joy to visit despite the high prices, the latter…um…not so much. There are some nice cheap cities of course—like Buenos Aires, Merida, Hanoi, Chiang Mai, or Fez—but word gets out fast these days and bargain cities that can be reached on a quick direct flight don’t stay undiscovered bargains for long. (Witness Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Istanbul, and Panama City.)

So this Budget Travel Online article is about how to save money in popular, expensive places and each section has a choice freebie you can enjoy. So for New York City there are some money-saving culture tips and two ways to get a free scenic boat cruise. For Hong Kong there are ways to go sightseeing on the cheap and get free tai chi lessons. For Paris, cheap ways to check out the city and three free museums in one area.

If you’re heading somewhere pricey soon like Oslo, Tokyo, Moscow, or Rome, follow this link first to get the scoop.

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