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Nicaragua travelJoshua Berman is about the most notable expert on Nicaragua travel that you can find. He is the co-author of Moon Handbooks Nicaragua, pictured here in its third edition coming out next month. (You can preorder it from Amazon by clicking on the cover.)

He was the guest last week on the Trip Coach chat that Budget Travel magazine runs on its website. The expert comes in and answers all kinds of reader questions on specialty travel or a destination—in this case Nicaragua. So if you have any desire to head there in the near future, check out the Nicaragua travel Q&A.

So what’s new? A paved road across the island of Ometepe. Modern supermarkets around Managua that stock pretty much everything. A lower crime rate than Costa Rica, but more petty theft where the expats are settling. Atlantic Air (internal flights) is no more.

What’s not new? Well, it’s still rainy during rainy season, despite tourists’ best hopes that this year will be different. Getting from the Pacific side to the Caribbean side by bus is still a nightmare, or as Josh says, the “24-hour rutted highway trip is like a double-black diamond for masochist backpackers.” (If you can’t fly, take the combo boat/bus trip to Bluefields.) Cruise ship excursions aren’t of much benefit to the locals.

You can keep up with the country and find resource links on the website Josh and Randy maintain: Go to Nicaragua.

If you liked the Trip Coach format and want to see a Q&A about more of Central America and Mexico, check out the one I was a guest on back in March.

While I’m throwing up links, check out Josh’s Perceptive Travel story, Ballad of a Traveling Buddha.

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