World Traveler? Forget the Bloodmobile

travelers giving bloodIt’s not just gay heroin addicts from Gabon who get shown the door at the bloodmobile. If you are a world traveler, your blood is probably not wanted, at least by the American Red Cross anyway.

My latest Tripso column was borne out of my own experiences trying to donate blood on multiple occasions and the frustrations of people I know who were turned away. World traveler? You may not be wanted at the blood bank. (Here’s the MSNBC version.)

Basically the only time I was successful giving blood was when I had stayed in the U.S. for a long stretch when my daughter was first born. Once you look at the restrictions, you see that the ideal Red Cross donor is a hetero person married to their high school sweetheart who lives a pure life, has never slept with someone from Africa, and never travels outside the country. If you’re a reader of this blog I’m assuming that’s probably not you, so read the article and check the website at the end for problem areas if you want to avoid wasting a trip.


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