Spreadsheet for Frequent Flyer Fees

The helpful staff at SmarterTravel have teamed up with a few others to put together a chart listing all the frequent flyer fees for U.S. airlines. You can download it in PDF form to have handy when you’re offline or want to print it out.

As usual, this kind of side-by-side comparison makes Southwest look like the good guy, with the only fee being one for mileage reactivation. Since they are also the easiest airline to actually use your award with when you earn one, a double bonus.

And also as usual the worst airline in the developed world—US Airways—comes out looking the worst. The only thing they haven’t tacked on yet is a fuel surcharge (like Northwest does), but they’ll nail you hard for everything else, including charging you to issue that computer-generated “free” e-ticket to start with, above and beyond the normal taxes and other government fees. On top of that, you’ll also pay more extra gouge fees than with any other airline: to check even one bag, get a drink of water, or book an aisle seat.

And people still fly this airline because….? I just used a portion of some old US Airways miles to renew some magazine subscriptions. That’s about all those miles are good for anymore.

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