Me on the Magazine Rack

If you’re near an extensive newsstand in the U.S. anytime soon, check out the new issue of Imbibe Magazine, where I’ve got a feature on a guy making high-end rum in Podunkville, Tennessee, right down the road from Jack Daniels. Imbibe is a great magazine even when I don’t have anything in it, so always worth picking it up or subscribing.

glamour LeffelWhen the price of travel goes up, I get lots of media calls on how to do it more reasonably, which sometimes leads to me showing up in some odd places. If you turn to page 94 in this month’s Glamour magazine, I’m quoted in a story listed in the contents as “Plan a no-dept vacay.” Definitely the first time I’ve been inside a mag that has Charlize Theron on the cover. Probably the last time I’ll be in the same issue as “101 racy little sex ideas” and “12 ways to be a little bit bad.”

Meanwhile, here’s a good story on reasonable places in Europe, where I talk about the Moravia region of the Czech Republic. It ran in originally, then in USA Today. Five European destinations that won’t kill your budget.

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