A Cure for the Jaded: Canadian Rockies

I was leafing through my journal yesterday and realized I have substantial time in 12 different countries in the past three years—not bad for a working writer who needs to put in desk time and run some websites. With that comes the nagging fear that I could turn into one of those jaded travel snobs who has seen it all and isn’t surprised by much.

Thankfully, no signs of that and if there is anyone out there who is feeling jaded, I suggest a trip north to the Canadian Rockies. I took the following shot with a little Casio Exilim camera that slips into my pocket.

Rocky Mountains Canada

Awesome, eh?

“I have 500 photos of the same mountains, but I can’t bear to delete any of them,” I heard one man say as we gazed upon the above scene at Lake Moraine. The thing is, you see panoramas this awesome in a hundred different places, in almost any direction.

The downside is that Canada is far from cheap these days. Expect to pay more now for most things than you would in the U.S., especially come meal and barstool time. If you’re planning to be there a while, bring camping gear or hook up with a null.

I am returning home and will get back to more frequent posts shortly. But for more info on this area, see the tourism site for Alberta.

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