Cheap Travel, Quality Time, and Me

A few thousand new visitors have come by to check out this blog in the past week. So because of that combined with the fact I am on vacation with my family now, pile of work be damned, here is a recap of what I have out and what I am working on. Feel free to go check these things out to get some more robust and well-researched reading material than you will commonly find in a blog format.

I have been a travel writer for around 16 years, much of it part-time while I made a more lucrative living elsewhere. Now I do this mostly full-time. My first book was The World’s Cheapest Destinations, hence the name of this blog. I am getting ready to start on edition number three. If you’re heading to cheap countries in Asia soon and want to be a research assistant (lots of glory, not much money), get in touch.

My second book was supposed to be called The Contrarian Traveler (the contrarian traveler website survives), but the suits at the book distributor decided Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune was easier for book buyers to figure out. It didn’t really work that way, but it is nevertheless a fine book that will save most people loads of money.

I recently put out Traveler’s Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America with my friend Rob Sangster. He has a great piece in the current issue of Perceptive Travel called Members of the Tribe.

Speaking of such, I am the editor of Perceptive Travel, a webzine that features the best travel stories from book authors on the move. Sometimes I turn in one of my own pieces, more often I review books or world music. I also review travel gear that won’t break the bank at the Practical Travel Gear blog.

That’s probably plenty, but I am a freelance writer too, mostly on travel, a little on business and booze, so here is a link to my portfolio site. Probably needless to say, I travel a fair bit, which is what I am doing right now. So posts will be further apart than usual until late June. Thanks for subscribing and popping by on occasion. Now get outta town!

  1. Ron Mader

    All your books are terrific and if I have a fave it’s the book you would have called The Contrarian Traveler. It’s witty and defines a niche that many travelers and local operators embrace … and as a bonus, it explains how to save money. Keep up the great work. Tim, you are an inspiration!

  2. Kyle

    Howdy Contrarian! This late summer and fall, I am planning to explore a slice of Asia on my way to Tonga, New Zealand and Australia-any suggestions? Also, this research assistance sounds exciting. Please tell me more. Cheers!

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