Monday Travel News Roundup- Suckubus Edition

I am kicking back in the home of an old college friend in Portland for a few days, enjoying some fine microbrews in a U.S. city where you can get around without an automobile. Here’s a roundup of notable travel news and posts in the meantime.

Hotelchatter gives us a rundown on hidden hotel fees that suck.

American Airlines tries another sucky rule: no bags over 70 pounds on Latin American flights. You didn’t really want to fly with them for that scuba or golf vacation did you? Or to use that airline to bring gifts to your relatives?

Christopher Elliott thinks Spirit Airlines may be eliminating its customer service department (which was already pretty sucky).

Ryanair is raising its fees for just about everything, so be prepared to pack next to nothing in Europe and don’t even think about calling them to make a reservation.

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