More Thrills for the Dollar at Regional Amusement Parks

amusement parkI do a lot of international traveling, but I do have a little princess in the house, so sometimes the travels are right down the road for some roller coasters and splashing in a water park. Since it’s about the time when millions of others are doing that as well, here’s my latest article on (via Tripso): Regional parks offer more thrills for your buck.

Part of it is about the best example in driving distance for me, a place called Holiday World. It’s my kind of set-up: free parking, free sunscreen, free sodas all day long, with admission at $40 adults, $30 kids. (About half what you’ll pay the mouse.) You can tack on a second day for $20 each, which we did, spending one day on the dry rides, one day in the awesome water park. They don’t ream you on the food either—it’s a deal.

There’s a more rinky-dink place only an hour from my house called Beech Bend, which is even cheaper. Plus, like many of these family-run amusement parks, you can always get a coupon or a discount somewhere local. The last time we brought a coupon from the Entertainment Book and it ended up being less than $60 for two adults and two kids, for all the rides and water park action we wanted.

You can read all about Beech Bend in my story on newsstands now, in the big amusement park special of Every Day with Rachel Ray.

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