Do Your Travel Stories Put People to Sleep?

Most of the time when I get interviewed for a media story it’s something about how to get more for your travel dollar or which destinations we should be headed to instead of Western Europe.

Here’s an interesting one though that just came out on and, about how to tell a vacation story. This was aimed at executives and entrepreneurs who can talk all day about their company but struggle to say anything interesting when the conversation turns to something involving leisure time. (You know the type.) Still, it’s a pretty cool article, with interesting quotes from a cross-section of experts—including the co-author of one of my favorite business books, Made to Stick.

If you find people nodding off or looking around the room and going “Uh-huh” when you’re telling a travel story, you might want to check this article out. And maybe think beforehand, “Is this really a good story? Or is it a pointless anecdote?” Honestly, from all my years of travels, I’ve only got about 10 really good stories—things that will truly hold someone’s interest for more than five minutes. And I must admit, verbally anyway, the woman I love tells them better than I do…

  1. Mike

    Tell me about it! (ha)

    My girlfriend traveled without me this winter and when she came back I actually couldn’t relate to what she was talking about because I wasn’t there. It was strange. Now I know how people feel when we talk about our trips.

    When I get back from a trip now, I rarely pull stories out right away. Instead I’ll talk about them if something related comes up. (but then, also, I’m at risk of becoming the guy who says, “that reminds me of this time in Luang Prabang…”)

  2. Suz

    The key, I think, is CRAFTING your story. Don’t just ramble on- create a storyline, a theme, a purpose, a climax, an ending- and of course, cast yourself as the hero! I’ve found some great resources through the National Storyteller’s association. They offer fun workshops around the country if anyone is interested.

  3. Amanda Beals

    Thanks for linking to us! So glad you liked the article.

    Amanda Beals/

  4. Kamil Spark

    Ha, that’s so funny because I feel like every time I tell travel story to my friends they all just nod! Glad to see that I am not alone here, but yeah, maybe my stories aren’t as good as I think they are.

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