Cheap Tricks for Summer Travel

summer travel

Today there’s a big spread in USA Today called Cheap Tricks for Summer Travel. The online version is not as pretty, so grab the paper one if you’re staying at a hotel or have some spare change at the convenience store. I’m quoted in it a few times, spouting off about everything from amusement parks to Eastern Europe.

It’s packed with lots of great tips from value travel experts, including Erik Torkells from Budget Travel, Anne Banas from, Rick Steves, and Bob Sehlinger. The last one happens to be my publisher at Menasha Ridge for Traveler’s Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America, so sometimes it really is a small world.

The overall theme of the article is that if you’re American, you need to be extra creative this year to avoid spending a huge fortune or going into debt during that summer vacation. There are plenty of ways to find a deal, but heading where everyone else is heading during high season is not going to cut it. You need to be a Contrarian Traveler.

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