Brits in a Bubble

According to this article, it’s not just us porky Americans who go sit on a beach and do nothing while on vacation. Apparently the majority of Britons holiday in a bubble.

“A survey by Halifax Travel Insurance found that although millions of Britons book package holidays in exotic destinations every year, they spend on average less than seven hours in total outside the hotel complex. ”

The all-inclusive resort industry loves this kind of news. Convince people that it’s a scary and uncertain world outside the hotel complex walls and you can get vacationers to spend all of their time and money in one place. Here’s the really funny stat: “42 per cent of British holidaymakers never speak to any local people while on holiday. ”

I guess the guys restocking the buffet line don’t count.

  1. bryan in san francisco

    And Germans in Mallorca: specifically El Arenal beach (“alles inklusiv!”)

  2. Claudine

    I think that Americans are definitely in a bubble, but there’s nothing wrong with that. We go, go, go, most of the time.

  3. Suz

    Yea, I’m not too pleased with this rise in the all-inclusive resort thing. It’s just NOT REALLY traveling to me. My friends always want to schedule one because they’re cheaper, but I just don’t think that you get a real experience of the local culture that way. Same reason I don’t ‘do’ cruises.

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