Cheaper Wine Regions in Europe

Another detour to Europe before I return to my recent Mexico trip. My latest article out on (via Tripso) is on Europe’s Unheralded Wine Regions.

Being the contrarian traveler that I am, I have never managed to set foot in the land of Bordeaux. I’m sure it’ll still be there when I’m richer and grayer. I tend to gravitate toward areas where you can get a lot of vino for your euro, and cheaper meals to go with it. So this article focuses on wine regions of Portugal, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

I spent some time in the last two at the end of last year while working on some articles; here’s one of the blog posts on Villany and Lake Balaton. I hope to make it to Portugal in the not-too-distant future. (Hint hint to you Portugal Tourism people who keep sending me your e-mail newsletters.) I spent a few hours in Austria while on a train from Budapest to Znojmo, but the highlight of that day was having the world’s rudest train conductor slam a door in my face while signaling for the engineer to take off. I could have used a bottle of wine then, but for throwing instead of drinking.

Not covered in this article because the continent’s all wrong are the three wine regions of Argentina. And there are lots of great wine regions in North America outside of California. As one person noted on a comment under the Tripso version of this article, even Italy has plenty of quieter and cheaper alternatives if you think outside the crate.

  1. Leif Pettersen

    I’ve gotta get you to visit the wine regions in Romania and Moldova some day:

  2. tim

    I’m all for it–one of these days. Thanks for the links.

  3. Mike

    In Provence we went on a little (self-guided) wine tour – the highlight of which was filling our 1.5L empty water bottles with table wine from a cask… for 2 Euros. And since I can’t tell a merlot from a mermaid, I was happy with the outcome (drunk). Though my friends said the wine was very good.

    Portugal is one of my favorite places – Lisbon is wonderful!

  4. Charles

    Sounds like a blast Mike.

    I’ve found from my 2 trips to France that even the wine in shops that costs a couple of Euro is still quite good. Vin de Pays or Vin de Table (Country wine and Table wine respectively) are generally what the French drink on a daily basis. Even they can’t afford those Bordeaux wines for every day drinking.

    That said, wherever I go, I drink the local stuff. In Mexico that’s Tequila, in Europe wines.

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