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Rainy Season and “Is it safe?”

Here’s the transcript of the Trip Coach online chat I did earlier today for Budget Travel magazine. Thanks to everyone who posted questions about traveling in Mexico and Central America. I actually had way more questions than I could handle, but thanks to some prepping ahead and all the fast typing experience I get every week, I flew through most of them.

The overriding themes seemed to be variations of these two questions:
1) “Is it safe to travel in [insert country]?”

2) “Is it really rainy in Costa Rica during the rainy season?”

The answers? Yes, and yes.

My, that took far less than an hour, but go check out the whole thing for more details.

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Don Reid

Sunday 23rd of March 2008

LOL - Is the rainy season really rainy? Wouldn't it be called something else if it weren't?

Some even think all the fresh rain water helps the municipal water be safer to drink (ie. the folks over at

Without the water, the flora and fauna would not be the same.


Tuesday 11th of March 2008

Thanks Gary and if you want to use my house, I'll throw in all the answers you want for that princely rental sum of $275 a week. I'll even leave an extra Modela in the fridge. Mr. Generous I am.

I saw that article and it was good fun. Here's the link if anyone is interested:

I'm as much a travel snob as anyone, but there's a time and a place for that kind of silliness, especially when there's a kid or two in the equation. I've made my contribution to the tourist factories now and then.


Tuesday 11th of March 2008

Hi Tim,

Nice job on answering your chat's participants questions. My wife and I are considering vacationing in the Yucatan this fall, and if so, will contact you regarding your beach house. We promise not to ask a gazillion questions regarding renting, other than 'where are the keys?'

By the way, there was actually a decent article in the NYT Travel section from the Frugal Traveler on Cancun. If anything, the author shed more than a little light on the absurdity of the 'Zona Hotelera.'