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Wine Country Biking and Cheap Beer

cheapest beer worldIf you happen to be near a newsstand this month, pick up a copy of the great drinks magazine Imbibe. I’ve got an essay on the last page about biking around the wine country of the Czech Republic. The story is not online yet (that link is to an old blog post of mine), but I’ll post an Imbibe link down the line if it’s added to their site. It’s a very attractive magazine to see in print though, stylish in a way you can’t duplicate in the pixel world, and is filled with great writing about wine, beer, coffee, tea, and more.

Their ending essay in the previous issue was a story by Joshua Bernstein about traveling across Europe and Central Asia as part of the 8,000-mile Mongol Rally. The theme was near and dear to my heart: the fact that in many countries, beer is cheaper than bottled water. Fittingly, he first learns this in the Czech Republic, where “one-liter water bottles cost about a buck. Half-liters of dependable suds…were equal to a couple of skinny dimes.” So he drank a lot of beer. “I couldn’t live with myself if I bought water that cost more than the beer likely made from the very same water.” Here are some more specifics:

30-cent bottles of Okocim in Poland

45-cent Lacplesis in Latvia

40-cent pints of dark Baltika No. 4 in Moscow

10-cent Derbes Dark in Kazakhstan

15-cent bottles of “refreshingly watery” Skol in Uzbekistan

20-cent bottles of Borgio Gold in Mongolia

Side note: I posted this particular photo here because I also recently found this beer/water phenomenon to hold true with prices in Panama.

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Thursday 27th of August 2009

you may not know in Vietnam $1 for 1 litle of rice wine. it is so strong, could be like Sake from Japan. if you have chance to visit Vietnam, you should try rice wine. Beer in Vietnam is also cheap. 50 cent for a bottle of beer 0,5 litle.



Sunday 9th of March 2008

Maybe the price of beer is always cheaper than water in the hotter countries. Costa Rica beers start from around $0.60 but water is $0.75. But for healthy drinking why not try fruit juice 'con leche'?