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I’m not really a gadget freak. If heading out on vacation somewhere, I’d be perfectly happy traveling with a backpack filled with the same stuff it was packed with when I first set out 16 years ago. But some travel gadgets do make life easier and some make things more bearable when you’re forced to work, as I usually am when on a solo trip.

I’m off to Panama at the end of this week and am starting to pack. Here’s what going in my Eagle Creek Meridian backpack, gadget-wise.

RoboForm2Go – a handy USB drive loaded up with all my passwords for every site that I log into, protected behind one master password. Any Internet cafe, I’m surfing just like I would at home, without leaving cookies behind.

Carry-on Caddy – This item clips onto your carry-on bag while going through security so you don’t have to mess with digging for a Ziploc bag full of cosmetics. (Which are all travel sized of course, including some I got from Nivea.)

Hidden zipper money belt – Actually I did travel with one of these 16 years ago and still do. Great for carrying lots of cash without looking like you are.

Packing cubes – I’m going to be on a boat for about a week of the trip, in a cabin that will not exactly be sprawling. These will help me find my socks and underwear.

Whoomp Earbuds – Sure, those Bose noise-canceling headphones are nice, but they’re the size of a football helmet. I just stick these puppies over my iPod earbuds and suddenly everything sounds fantastic.

Monster Outlet to Go – I will be generating lots of good karma in places where electrical outlets are scarce.

Orbit MP3 Speaker – Yeah, this is kind of extravagant for someone packing light, but I’m going to be in a cabin on a boat, so it’ll get a lot of use. (And is not very big, after all.)

Telescoping travel razor – Apparently these things are getting kind of hard to find, but I picked up three in the Mexican equivalent of a dollar store a couple years back. Awesome item.

Buzz-off shirt and hat – Only one problem with the tropics. Lots of mosquitoes. The Buzz-off gear offers some extra protection.

GoLite Waterproof Jacket – This wispy lightweight jacket packs down so small it could fit in my back pocket, but it’s a decent windbreaker and is waterproof.

I’m also taking a couple of things I haven’t reviewed yet, like a portable hard drive from Seagate for storing photos and a Flip Video ultra for grabbing some footage. More on those later. What’s your favorite travel gadget or gear item? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Franko Damian

    It’s like a gadget itinerary for your traveling needs. This site which reviews the coolest widgets and gadget reviews might also be a helpful guide.

  2. Jared Hoog

    I just wanted to say keep up the good work. I travel more than 300 days a year worldwide to different countries and I found your website helpful and informative. I really like the way you review items and I would like to see more on Cell phones and communication gadgets in the future. Thanks again, Jared.

  3. tim


    Thanks for the comments! I do tend to review a fair number of gadgets on the Practical Travel Gear blog, but I tend to go pretty low-tech when it comes to communication: Skype and phone cards mostly. Traveling with a cell phone is a pain unless someone else is footing the bill and a company is taking care of all the SIM card switches. I’d rather be checking out the place I’m visiting instead. Home can wait–though in your case, travel is work so it’s different.

  4. Jaisy

    Your comment I’m taking a couple of things I haven’t reviewed yet, like a portable hard drive from Seagate for storing photos and a Flip Video ultra for grabbing some footage.

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