Wedding, then Around the World

I put up a Practical Travel Gear blog post yesterday about some friends that left on a round-the-world trip right after they got married. I did this myself for my second trip around the globe, but before the days when you could so easily register at gear stores on line and have the relatives shower you with cool travel gadgets and clothing.

They made up a wish list and got everything they wanted, so the real problem was deciding not what they could afford, but what was worth its weight and bulk or not. Follow the link above to see some of what they decided to take along. Not mentioned was that they loaded up on quick-dry clothing from REI and Ex-Officio. (“Ex-Officio should be giving me a sponsorship commission from all this stuff of theirs I’m wearing,” Derek said.)

Derek is the one who convinced me to buy a couple pairs of their expensive but handy travel undies that squish down to nothing in your pack and dry quickly after a sink washing.

The Hugheys are no doubt finding, as we did, that traveling 24/7 after the wedding isn’t always friction-free, but it’s a great way to shed the past and start a new life together. Everything is in storage and you’re widening your horizons without a lot of baggage – especially if your wedding gifts included lots of lightweight travel gear! See their ongoing blog at One Year on Earth.

  1. Rainfield

    i havent got married but i look forward to a trip after wedding..
    this information would be helpful

  2. Mike

    I got one of those ex-officio mosquito repellent shirts and LOVED it. I don’t know whether the repellent actually works (maybe you do?) but the quality of the product was high… it was a perfect travel shirt. Lord only knows how good their underwear must be.

    Your friends have a great website there.

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