What’s in my Bag (Sometimes)

I did a guest post for the Gadling blog the other day, part of a series they’re doing on travel bags and packing: What’s in your pack Tim Leffel?

one bag two weeks

It’s got the rundown on my recent two-week trip to Europe for a writing assignment. All the details of my wardrobe, gadgets, and toiletries. Too much information for some probably, but maybe interesting if you’re looking for a sample packing list or gadget/travel clothing ideas. A lot of the items have been reviewed on the Practical Travel Gear blog.

I have to say I packed pretty darn well for that trip, so this one is kind of a case study on what actually worked.

On the same note, here’s my recent MSNBC column (via Tripso) on Double Duty Travel Gear.


  1. Tara Skipp

    Fab post Tim.
    It is very timely that I have discovered your site and this post in particular today as I am about to start packing for my next trip.

    I always love ‘whats in your bag’ articles – they’re a great snapshot of people’s travel styles.Is there anything you wish you had taken that you didn’t?

    You’ve inspired me to maybe post my bag contents too.


  2. tim

    This time, nothing I missed actually. I couldn’t take my Swiss Army Knife since I was going carry-on, but thankfully every place I stayed had a corkscrew!

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