Living Like the Locals in Your Destination

I have joined up with some like-minded souls at Tripso and am now going to do two travel advice columns a month with them that will usually be syndicated by as well. Here’s the first one up: For the best bargains, join the locals.

This is an adaptation of some points in my book Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune. For any of you well-traveled vagabonds that have already traipsed around the world, this isn’t exactly profound advice. For the vacationers I see lined up at most tourist institutions and overseas rental car counters, however, it is.

But back to Tripso. Pay them a visit and put them in your bookmarks if you want solid advice that will save you money. They always seem to zoom in on the travel news that matters and they’re all about giving you the inside scoop that will ease the pain of U.S. travel–which isn’t easy these days.

[photo from UpgradeTravelBetter]

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