Cheaper Destinations in Mexico

merida mexicoThere’s a thorough and useful new article on on lesser-known destinations in Mexico. Their use of the phrase “under-the-radar” doesn’t really jibe with the inclusion of San Miguel de Allende – I think I’ve seen that city featured in every single travel mag there is over the past year – but otherwise it’s a worthy collection of gems.

They include Merida, near where I have a little Mexican beach house, and extra points for pointing to the right resources there. They run down ten places in all, including Loreto, Guanajuato, and P√°tzcuaro. There are great resource links in each story and this is a well-researched piece that captures the essence of each spot well.

Each town is highlighted on a different page, but you can jump to the one you’re interested in without scrolling through them all: look for the navigation box on the right on each page, including the first. See you in…Troncones?

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