Useful Slovakia Travel Websites

This entry is number two in a series of useful travel websites for specific countries. It’s not always easy to separate the great from the useless at first glance, so I’m trying to filter out the former for you. This week’s is for Slovakia, courtesy of Margarete Hurn. (Follow this link for the first one – Panama travel sites.)
Margarete knows what she’s talking about because she wrote the book pictured here, The Foreigner’s Guide to Living in Slovakia.

So if the crowds in neighboring Prague are getting you down or you’re looking for a place to live where you can feel like a pioneer, here’s where to start.

Official Slovak Tourist Board site

A general information guide to Slovakia general info site

Travel Slovakia tour operator

Official site for city of Bratislava

Castles in Slovakia

Slovakian ski resorts

Museums throughout Slovakia

Jewish Heritage places of interest

A local restaurant guide

Lonely Planet’s Slovakia section

The Slovak Pub in Bratislava

[Ed. additions] Bratislava Guide and Bratislava Hotels are established, popular sites that present lots of useful info in a fast-loading form.

Did we leave out something? Don’t cry in your Barbakan – leave a comment!

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